Listerine Breath Strips: WHY AND HOW TO USE IT

Haliatosis is a condition where the person suffers from bad odour. Bad breath is associated with diseases such as plaque, tooth decay, gingivitis- inflammation of gum, diabetes, sinus infection etc. bad breath is generally result of bad hygiene. You may wonder brushing twice a day, flossing regularly and rinsing after anything you eat are the good hygiene habits. Though you do all this, the anatomy of mouth facilitates inhabitation of bacteria that cause bad breath. The places between teeth act as good space for food particles to deposit. Thereby the bacteria go and accumulate on these foods and build a colony. Ultimately you are the victim suffering from bad breath, and unfortunately your friends also suffer out of it.

Listerine Breath Strips 199x300 Listerine Breath Strips: WHY AND HOW TO USE ITAs per the studies, bad breath results in mouth itself due to foods such as fish, cheese, garlic, onions, meat, and also alcohol. People smoking cigarettes also have the bad breath lasting for more than a few minutes. In night, mouth remains close for long hours that causes worsening of odour. While these are the general reasons for bad breath, some patients suffer bad breath as a chronic disorder. Traditionally a mouth wash of wine and herbs was used to toss the bad smell. Nowadays there are so many oral hygiene products that can save you from bad odour.

There are various methods of keeping the oral cavity healthy and hygienic. Regular mouth washing ensures food particles being washed off, bacteria being killed and mouth being fresh. Nowadays breath strips have come into market that makes job easier. You don’t have to go to wash room and waste time washing your mouth. Instead sip in a strip of Listerine breath strips and allow it to dissolve in mouth within a few seconds. The thin film melts and releases the contents out into the mouth. The multiple ingredients present in Listerine breath strips ensure your mouth is clean and fresh.

Listerine breath strips are a product of Johnson and Johnson Pvt Ltd. As mouth refreshing product Listerine breath strips come in multiple flavours namely fresh burst, arctic berry, cool mint, fresh citrus and cinnamon. All these flavours are highly used by people to fight bad breath; the pleasant flavour keeps the mouth fresh neutralizing the bad odour. Listerine also contains ingredients that fight against mouth germs and bacteria. These strips are sugar free so that they do not cause bad odour themselves.

Listerine breath strips are made of ingredients namely sucralose, copper gluconate, chondrus criipus, eucalyptol, thymol, menthol, propylene glycol, ceratonia, siliqua gum, glycerol oleate, xanthan gum, polysorbate 80, potassium acesulfame, green 3 color and flavours. With all these ingredients, Listerine breath strips give all round protection to the buccal cavity. The mouth keeps fresh, teeth clean and gums in healthy condition. The volatile contents thymol, menthol and eucalyptol form a good smell that spreads in the mouth and air around to keep it cool and fresh.

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